Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association

HONNA was founded in 1974 to promote, preserve, and protect quality of life in our unique corner of the world.

Crime Watch

Emergency - call 911  • Non-emergency 727-893-7780 • Tip Line 727-892-5000 • Text-A-Tip 727-420-8911

If you’re not a member of the Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association, visit the membership link above for more information about joining. Dues to the non-for-profit organization are $30 per year and support many neighborhood programs including our neighborhood’s Crime Watch.

Tips for Preventing Property Crimes by St. Petersburg Police Department (SPPD)

Auto Crime

The majority of auto thefts in St. Petersburg are committed by juveniles who use these cars for “joyriding” or to commit other crimes.  Auto burglaries are often called the “Most Preventable Crime in America” because so many of them occur to an unlocked vehicle. For these or any other auto crime, please remember  to:

  1. Always lock your vehicle, since nearly one-third of all stolen vehicles were unlocked.
  2. Acquire an alarm system that disables the ignition.
  3. Obtain and use an anti-theft device that locks the steering wheel.
  4. Never leave personal items or electronic devices in plain view and remember that many newer car trunks can be accessed from inside the vehicle. It is best to never leave personal items inside of your vehicle.
  5. When you go shopping, always scan the parking lot for suspicious people before exiting your vehicle to make sure no one is watching you.

Home Burglary

Most burglaries occur during the day, and break-ins to unlocked homes increased significantly.

  1. Owners of vacant structures should check their property frequently and establish good relationships with surrounding neighbors who can keep a protective eye on the property.
  2. Remember that strong locks–that are used–and good neighbors who look out for each other are the most effective deterrents to burglars. And make sure your garage doors are locked, too.
  3. Keep all windows closed and locked while away from home and make sure every external door has a strong, well-installed dead bolt lock.
  4. Make your home look occupied while you are away by keeping your yard clean and your blinds or curtains in their normal position. Consider using a timer to turn on radios or televisions to create the illusion that someone is home.

Finally, remember to stay alert at all times and trust your instincts to avoid becoming a victim of any type of crime. If something looks wrong, it probably is wrong. Never hesitate to report a suspicious person in your neighborhood by immediately calling the SPPD Communications Center at 727-893-7780.